Dozens of schoolgirls given hands on experience of a career in engineering

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Dozens of schoolgirls have been given the chance to gain hands on experience of what a career in engineering could be like.

Birmingham City University marked International Women in Engineering Day by inviting eight schools to its City Centre Campus for a day of activities, geared around real-world experiences designed to break down stereotypes about the industry and women’s roles.

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Birmingham City University

Eighty female school-goers attended the day from across the West Midlands were given talks from women in the profession, before spending the afternoon engineering a handwashing kit which could be used in Kenya where water supplies are limited.

The year 8 girls were asked to create a solution which could help cut the spread of infectious diseases in the East African country, which is increased due to a reluctance to waste precious water on regular hand washing.

Each school was divided into two teams of five, with teachers also split into groups to perform the same task.

The teams produced a total of 18 devices with many different shapes, sizes, forms and functions on display.

This marks the third year in which Birmingham City University has held a special event to mark Women in Engineering Day, with demand for spaces at more than two and half times the capacity of the event.

The day is used to highlight the importance of recruiting more women into engineering and the built environment and other male dominated professions in the science and technology sector.

Organisations from across the region joined in including Practical Action, Doosan Enpure, JLR, BWB Consulting, RLB, Jessop Brothers, Butler and Young.

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