School Direct

Birmingham City University welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with schools in developing new and innovative training programmes to deliver School Direct teacher education.

We recognise that each school network will want to tailor a training programme that will meet the needs of their schools, their pupils, their teachers and their trainees.

Birmingham City University works in close partnership with school networks:

  • In marketing School Direct programmes to attract the best candidates
  • In developing robust recruitment and selection processes, designed to identify candidates who will become excellent teachers
  • In the design of a tailored training programme, handbooks and course documentation
  • In developing robust quality assurance processes
  • In ensuring that all stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities
  • In evaluating the impact of the programme on trainees, pupils, school staff and university tutors.
  • Birmingham City University has a long and established history of delivering teacher training in the Midlands region and is one of a few universities in England with a ‘Grade 1: Outstanding’ classification by Ofsted for both primary and secondary teacher training.

We have successfully developed mutually beneficial relationships with a number of teaching organisations, demonstrated by our strong partnerships with over 1,000 schools, colleges and training organisations across the Midlands region.

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‘Ryders Hayes School and its partner schools chose Birmingham City University as their HE provider for School Direct almost two years ago and haven’t looked back since! Sharing the same sense of moral purpose and vision about the potential benefits of the programme from the outset, we have gone on to forge a strong and fruitful alliance, with our students at the centre. Flexible joint working with a responsive, friendly and a supportive team at Birmingham City University has resulted in a shared model of good practice, which is continually evolving and improving. Mutually beneficial opportunities have grown from this new relationship, from shared CPD opportunities, through use of primary practitioner and HE expertise, to raising aspirations for a university education in Year 6’
Joanne Speller, Head Teacher, Ryders Hayes School

'Our relationship with Birmingham City University is well established and has been built on trust. As such the design of the partnership agreement has been developed via frank and open discussion, with flexibility and ‘review opportunities’ built in to allow minor adjustments to be made if necessary once the training is under way.'
Teaching Agency School Direct Case Study - Arthur Terry School

‘Birmingham City University School of Education has a powerful commitment to working with its partners to raise standards.’
Ofsted, March 2010

Further information

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The National College for Teaching and Leadership School Direct Case Study – Arthur Terry School (PDF)

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