Dr. Geof William Hill

Geof holds a Reader position in the School of Education (HELS).

Previously he held a Senior Researcher position as Coordinator of Research Supervisor professional development at Queensland University of Technology (Australia). He facilitated online and face-to-face communities of practice for academics to help them advance their understanding and practice of research supervision.

This field of inquiry emerged from his doctoral inquiry into Higher Education Degree Research practices and, over the course of his tenure in this position. He instigated a new online professional development program for research supervisor professional development at Queensland University of Technology. He led an online professional development program for research supervisors in Southern Cross University Graduate School of Management. He also launched the Wordpress blog The Research Supervisor's Friend

Concurrent with his Senior Researcher position, he managed a management consultancy which specialised in professionals undertaking research into their professional practice. Through this consultancy he provided research supervisor professional development both in Australia and in other international countries, including the UK.

An initiative in his own research practice involved publishing his research in cabaret. This started within his doctoral inquiry and continued as a specialist form of expression in his post-doctoral work. More broadly he has worked internationally with research students and academics to advance the ideas of creative ways of research publication. This has been undertaken using his blog and also in visiting academic appointments at several international universities.

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