Jason Hockman

Jason Hockman

Lecturer in Audio Engineering

School of Computing and Digital Technology

Jason Hockman joined Birmingham City University in 2015 as a Lecturer in audio processing with a specialisation in music informatics. He is an electronic music producer and record label owner that has studied the origins of the technology and culture that inspired him to become involved in the music he creates. Jason holds a BA in Sociology (Cornell University 2000), a Masters of Music (New York University 2007), and a PhD in Music Research (McGill University 2014).

Jason now conducts research in the fields of music information retrieval and computational musicology of electronic music, where he focuses on automated meter and rhythm description, as well as content-aware audio effects. As an electronic musician, Jason has had several critically-acclaimed releases on a variety of established international record labels including his own Detuned Transmissions imprint.

Current Activity
  • Research
  • Teaching
Areas of Expertise
  •  Music informatics
  •  Electronic music creation/production/distribution
  • Audio effects
  • PhD Music Research
  • Master.Mus, BA Sociology
  • DIG4102
  • DIG6041
  • DIG6042
  • Electronic music analysis
  • Rhythm and metre detection
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Own and operate internationally-distributed electronic music record label

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