Cham Athwal

Associate Head of School (Research)

School of Computing and Digital Technology
0121 331 5458

Cham Athwal is Head of Research in the School of Computing and Digital Media Technology. He teaches on the BSc (Hons) courses for Digital Media Technology, and Sound Engineering and Production.

An experienced lecturer and researcher, Cham has led numerous technology transfer projects, as well as working as an experienced external examiner and course validator. He has skills and knowledge in several areas of IT, including software development, web technologies and multimedia, as well as image and video processing, 3D modelling, animation and virtual reality.

Cham initially joined the University to teach programming and software engineering, before becoming Course Director for the Graduate Diploma in IT and developing one of the first BSc degrees in Multimedia Technology. Prior to this, he worked as a research scientist at the Universities of Southampton and Lancaster. Cham also spent two years as a CERN Fellow in Geneva, as well as leading a research and development group at the General Electric Company.

Alongside his teaching, Cham has worked on projects funded by the Department of Trade and Industry, the European Regional Development Fund, and the EU research and development framework. His award-winning KTP project saw him develop a digital video-based system for the analysis of car crash tests. His major recent technology transfer activity has been managing a large ERDF-funded project that provides access to advanced web–based ICT technologies to SMEs.

Current Activity

Cham coordinates and leads the research activities within the school. He has supervised several MPhil and PhD students, covering subjects ranging from digital audio processing to virtual environments. He is responsible for several shorter accelerator projects, which explore interesting digital media technology research topics. Cham is also a member of the Faculty’s Research Degrees Committee.

An experienced funding proposal and bid writer, Cham is also the first port of call for companies or institutions interesting in developing collaborations for a range of projects. These projects are usually within the areas of acoustics and digital music processing, digital image and video processing, animation and virtual environments, and web and social media technologies.

Cham is the Academic Leader for a KTP on the use of web and social media technologies with the British Association of Social Workers (BASW). He has recently completed the supervision of a KTP on the use of web-based video with Gas Street Works Limited, and a shorter KTP on the development of text-to-singing technology for Lickworx Ltd.

Areas of Expertise
  • 3D modelling
  • Animation
  • Digital image processing
  • Digital music processing
  • Interactive technologies
  • Multimedia
  • Simulation
  • Video processing
  • Virtual environments
  • Web technologies

PhD Physics
MSc Physics
BSc (Hons) Physics


Institution of Engineering and Technology


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