• cancer care

    Applied Studies in Integrated Health and Social Care

    Undergraduate - AdvDip / BSc / BSc (Hons) - 2017/18 entry

    A unique opportunity for a wide range of registered professionals and practitioners working within or for the health and social care sector to gain degree status in their workplace without the need to specialise. The Distance...

    Applied Studies in Integrated Health and Social Care
  • Architectural Technology

    Undergraduate - BSc (Hons) - 2017/18 entry

    Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT), our Architectural Technology course is where the science of construction meets the art of design. The course focuses not only on the creation of the...

    Architectural Technology
  • Automotive Engineering

    Undergraduate - BEng (Hons) / MEng - 2017/18 entry

    Do you want to be at the forefront of developments in the automotive industry? Now is a fascinating time to work in automotive engineering as manufacturers look to address environmental and climate issues and consider...

    Automotive Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering - BEng / MEng

    Biomedical Engineering

    Undergraduate - BEng/MEng - New course for 2017/18 - 2017/18 entry

    Do you see yourself working in a high-tech, innovative and highly diverse industry? Do you want to develop your skills to enable you to make a difference in people’s lives? If so, and you have an interest in mathematics, anatomy,...

    Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomedical Sciences - BSc (Hons)

    Biomedical Sciences

    Undergraduate - BSc (Hons) - New course for 2017/18 - 2017/18 entry

    Play a leading role in the prevention and treatment of diseases by studying our new Biomedical Sciences course. Delivered at our new, state-of-the-art development at City South Campus, you'll develop a range of practical and...

    Biomedical Sciences
  • Broadcast and Communications Engineering

    Undergraduate - BEng (Hons) - 2017/18 entry

    Designed with the BBC Academy and approved by the BBC Engineering Apprenticeship Steering Board, this course addresses all aspects of TV and radio broadcast from capturing content to distributing it to users. The course has...

    Broadcast and Communications Engineering
  • Building Surveying

    Undergraduate - BSc (Hons) - 2017/18 entry

    Our Building Surveying degree is founded on the core competencies of the profession, preparing you to embark on your RICS assessment of professional competence journey to full professional chartership.

    Building Surveying
  • Business Administration (Top-up)

    Undergraduate - BA (Hons) - 2017/18 entry

    This flexible and wide-ranging course allows you to tailor your studies to your interests, from small business management to digital marketing. With a wide range of modules to choose from, you’ll be able to follow a path that...

    Business Administration (Top-up)
  • Business and Management

    Undergraduate - BA (Hons) - 2017/18 entry

    This course is only for home students continuing their studies, and students at overseas partners only.  On this course you’ll learn to approach business management in a proactive, positive and professional way. It prepares you...

    Business and Management
  • Business Information Systems

    Undergraduate - BSc (Hons) - 2017/18 entry

    Does the idea of keeping the wheels of commerce turning float your boat? Modern organisations of all sizes run on information, and they need people who know how to capture, store, retrieve and analyse it - and keep it safe from...

    Business Information Systems
  • Civil Engineering

    Undergraduate - BEng (Hons) / MEng - 2017/18 entry

    This course, designed to meet the requirements of relevant professional bodies, will give you the best start to your career in civil engineering. What is an MEng? Want to know more? Find out about our integrated master's...

    Civil Engineering
  • Computer Forensics

    Undergraduate - BSc (Hons) / MSci - 2017/18 entry

    Do you want to enter the exciting digital forensics industry? Digital forensics plays a critical role in the world of modern criminal investigations; our Computer Forensics BSc (Hons) course has been developed to meet the...

    Computer Forensics
  • Computer Games Technology - BSc (Hons)

    Computer Games Technology

    Undergraduate - BSc (Hons) / MSci - 2017/18 entry

    Do you want to have a successful career in the computer games industry? Our Computer Games Technology has been developed with input and feedback from leading professionals as well as our own students. Our collaborations with...

    Computer Games Technology
  • Computer Networks

    Undergraduate - BSc (Hons) / MSci - 2017/18 entry

    Our BSc in Computer Networks will equip you to take the revolution in communications technology to the next level in our modern, mobile, connected society. What is an MSci? Want to know more? Find out about our...

    Computer Networks
  • Computer Networks and Security - BSc (Hons)

    Computer Networks and Security

    Undergraduate - BSc (Hons) / MSci - 2017/18 entry

    Digital security is a key concern for modern organisations. Our Computer Networks and Security BSc (Hons) degree focuses on the practical needs of businesses that require high quality computer and network security. What is an...

    Computer Networks and Security
  • Computer Science

    Undergraduate - BSc (Hons) / MSci - 2017/18 entry

    Do you want to develop the skills to be a leading IT professional? Our Computer Science course will develop your skills in producing computer systems solutions. You will gain a sound mathematical and...

    Computer Science
  • Computing and Information Technology

    Undergraduate - BSc (Hons) / MSci - 2017/18 entry

    Our multidisciplinary Computing and Information Technology BSc (Hons) course will equip you with the technical and managerial skills you'll need to embark on a successful IT career. What is an MSci? Want to know more? ...

    Computing and Information Technology
  • Conductive Education

    Undergraduate - BA (Hons) - 2017/18 entry

    Transform the lives of people with disabilities and neurological motor disorders to help them as independent as possible with our BA (Hons) in Conductive Education. Delivered by the National Institute of Conductive Education...

    Conductive Education
  • Construction

    Undergraduate - HNC - 2017/18 entry

    Giving you a broad introduction to the building industry, our Construction HNC offers a route towards a range of construction industry roles. The skills you gain are very much in demand and graduates of the School have secured...

  • Construction Management

    Undergraduate - BSc (Hons) - 2017/18 entry

    If your ambition is to gain a senior site management role within the construction industry, our Construction Management BSc will set you on the right path.

    Construction Management