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Increase your employability
Gain the skills employers want and enhance your experience with a year-long placement. It's the perfect way to gain a clear advantage over the competition.

Achieve your professional ambitions

Birmingham City Business School is a leading practice-based international business school. We offer over 40 highly innovative undergraduate and postgraduate courses that are tailored to student and industry needs and wants.

We also offer ‘in-company’ and placement-based degrees that allow for a perfect mix of real-life experience and academic skills.

Business - BA (Hons)Business - BA (Hons)

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the key disciplines of business, with final year options allowing you to develop the study of the areas most relevant to your career aims.

Jane Gosney, Lecturer Jane Gosney

Jane Gosney has been involved in category management, branding, advertising, sales promotions, point of sale, project management and field sales management.

Placement experience

You will benefit from the opportunity to spend a year working in industry, allowing you to acquire invaluable, hands-on experience ahead of your career in business. Student Katherine Anley worked at Hyundai.

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