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UCAS fairs

With over 370 higher education institutions, UCAS fairs are an excellent way to collect information and ask questions of over 300 university representatives.

The benefits of attending UCAS fairs
  • They are nationwide
  • All universities are represented
  • Thousands of students attend each day
  • Lots of relevant course information and literature is available
  • They offer a range of seminars on higher education related topics.
Our top tips for making the most of a UCAS fair
  • Plan your individual programme for the day
  • Plan in advance which universities you want to speak to and prioritise them!
  • Look at the layout of the convention to plan your day (universities are placed alphabetically, so make a note of the stand numbers on your programme)
  • Attend any seminars that are on offer and make a note of the times!
  • Pick up relevant prospectuses or information
  • Ask lots of questions about entry requirements, course content, facilities etc.