Graphic Communication students receive ‘highly commendable’ at packaging competition

Starpack achievement - Harveen

Two students studying BA (Hons) Graphic Communication at Birmingham City University have received highly commendable in the Starpack packaging competition for their tea and coffee packaging designs.

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Birmingham City University

Harveen Marwaha and Oliver Cantrill recently made it through to the second round of the competition, a leading scheme for recognising innovation in packaging design, alongside five other students on the course after presenting three design boards showing the development of a fictitious brand. The students created exciting and eye-catching designs for a family range of metal tins for teas and coffees, targeting the quality retail sector and considering the creative use of packaging.

For the second round of the competition, students were required to submit 3D models of their final designs, along with their development boards showing their research, design process and final outcomes.

Harveen Starpack

Harveen created an original brand of three high end Indian Chai’s, consisting of three different flavours specific to areas In India; Deli, Punjab and Kashmir. Harveen’s packages were spice rack sized tins with a small India shaped window showing a preview of the contents. Harveen named the brand ‘Rishka Tea’, after the Hindi word ‘Rickshaw’ which reflects traveling around India, discovering the distinctive styles of chai.

Harveen commented;

The judges that awarded the highly commended titles to Harveen commented on their competition entries;

“Harveen’s submitted a fun, trendy graphics led project that has great shelf appeal and is well developed through presentation boards. Good job.”

“Oliver’s project included great graphics that clearly communicate the product using humour and topical graphic trends. His boards clearly communicate intentions and deliver a fun brand experience.”

The Starpack packaging competition challenges students to unconventional thinking and encourages creativity. Throughout the projects, students are required to consider all elements involved in the development of a real-life product, providing them with valuable experience for the future. The competition offers an exciting opportunity for the next generation of young designers, exposing them to the industry of packaging design.

Graphic Communication tutor, Jane Anderson, commented on the students’ achievements;

I have to say I’m really impressed at the level of work being produced by our Level 5 students. To have seven students shortlisted and then two commendations is a brilliant achievement. It’s a testament to the originality of their concepts, their professionalism and drive.”

Congratulations to Harveen and Oliver on their highly commendable tea and coffee packages.

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