Final year students showcase their work to industry

Alicia VisCom Inspired 2018

Final year students from the school of Visual Communication have been busy showcasing their work to friends, family and of course, the all-important industry.

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Starting with their Graduation Show in June, ‘Inspired’, held at our City Centre campus, our soon-to-be graduates proudly displayed their final projects to members of the public, family, industry representatives and their peers.

It was at the Inspired Festival that we caught up with final year Graphic Communication student Kate Wells,  who told us about her experience at university, her plans for the future and how the course has helped her on her way;

kate wells viscom inspired

“My uni experience has been was everything I hoped uni would be. What's next? I’m doing a placement at McCann’s, then I’d like to do a couple more placements at a few other companies until I find out exactly what it is I’d like to do, then I plan to work in advertising. My advice to future students is to collaborate...get involved in every opportunity that comes your way! The course helps us to prepare for the future in lots of ways. I have a portfolio now that I can take round to interviews, it helps you to establish yourself as a brand so you know who you are and what you want to do and how to get there.”

In early July, Design for Performance students wowed the Southbank with their creations at Destinations, held at the OXO Tower. It was a fantastic space to demonstrate their imagination, skill and creativity. Exhibiting students, Olivia Amos and Meghan Bladen gave us their thoughts on the event and why it’s so important for them to attend;

VisCom Destinations Olivia 2018

meghan design for performance inspired

“It’s one of those things that have kept us going through our projects as we wanted to exhibit here. It’s sort of in the back of your mind so you’re always like work hard so you can get to London,” added Olivia. “You always think of London as a really good networking place to be so that’s pretty cool” Meghan told us.

In mid July, it was the turn of BA (Hons) Photography students, as they presented their work to the public and other photographers at Free Range, in the popular Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. It was the first time some of them had displayed their work outside of University. Luca Crawford, told us how it felt to be exhibiting at Free Range;

luca crawford photography free range 2018 viscom

"It’s an endpoint – it’s a nice way to cement the end of three years. It’s the end of a chapter of education and today is the end of that process and tomorrow, the new real life starts. All walks of life have looked at my work and my postcards have been going really well. You can’t predict it!"

johnny free range viscom

Final year photography student Johnny Wilson, explained about his hopes for the exhibition, his future plans and how it feels when members of the public take an interest in his work;

“I’m hoping that an agent or a magazine come and see my work and want me to come and work with them in the future or get employed by them so, who knows what will happen from it but it will be good if something does…. I love seeing people respond to my work and react to it. Yeah, it’s been really cool seeing people getting interested with my work”

It was the turn of BA (Hons) Illustration students next, as they headed to the prestigious New Designers, at the Business Design Centre north London, ready to present their talents and portfolios to the many industry representatives in attendance, and of course, to make those all important business connections.

Exhibiting student Mia Powell explained why showcasing her work at the event was important to her;

mia powell illustration new designers 2018 viscom

"I wanted to exhibit here as it’ll give me more opportunities, chances to network and hopefully get some freelance work – we’ll see what happens! It puts you into the real world and makes you build those connections and maybe put you into internships which is really important. I’m hoping to talk to children’s publishers…I specialise in children’s illustrations so I’d like to talk to anyone that’s linked with that area. I’ve got a job lined up at George at Asda, designing the print designs on their childrenswear and I hope to get some freelance work from this exhibition, to complete on the side too."

It was also exciting to learn that Mia won a Wooden Pencil at D&AD New Blood this year for her work on the Beano Studios brief, where she created a brand new Beano character, Secret Agent Sally...a massive achievement! You can see more of Mia’s work here.

Final year Illustration student James Maycock told us his hopes for the exhibition;

james illustration new designers 2018 viscom

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication students headed to the infamous D&AD New Blood event, to show the industry and their peers, just what they could do. Final year student Roberto Cutrera told us how he felt about exhibiting at this illustrious event;

Roberto Cutrera VisCom

Rosanna VisCom 2018

Rosanna Rossetti, also exhibiting at D&AD New Blood said;

"I have always been interested in D&AD through looking in books at the library. It is something that I have always known is a big deal in the design industry. I am so happy to be here and to exhibit my work. I have received the ‘one to watch’ sticker, this means I will be attending the academy next week for two weeks in London- here I will get involved in workshops and portfolio reviews and more! I have been acknowledged by a couple other industry names, the show has been very rewarding and it is only day two!"

Head of School, Nathan Tromans told us;

These final year showcases are hard work to prepare for and it can be incredibly nerve-wracking to present your work to the outside world, but they are a great way to make industry connections.  We wish our soon to be graduates all the luck in the world as they make their own way into industry and we’ll be keeping in touch with them along the way, just to see how they’re getting on…watch this space!

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