The perfect study set-up

When you start uni you will need to find what works best for you when you knuckle down to study. Birmingham City University vloggers share their tried and tested set-up's for studying at uni, be it at home, uni or anywhere you want.

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[00:00:12] Tierney Hi, guys, my name's Tierney.
[00:00:14] Shelby Hi, guys, I'm Shelby.
[00:00:15] Jess Hey, everyone, I'm Jess.
[00:00:19] Archie Today, we're going to be talking about the best university setup for revising and just generally doing your university work.
[00:00:32] Jess Every uni course has its fair share of independent study time, so it's really important to be prepared for this, to find a sensible study space where you can be motivated to do your uni work with minimal distractions.
[00:00:45] Tierney I definitely prefer working at home just because it's a more relaxed environment. I can make endless cups of tea if I want and play music, which just helps me to stay focussed.
[00:00:53] Josi I just prefer studying at home with my own environment and like behave as weirdly as I'd like to.
[00:00:59] Jess My best way of working is in the library. I really struggle to get motivated when I'm at home or in my student accommodation. There's just too many distractions around.
[00:01:08] Jess I think at the library you kind of go there to do work and you know, you kind you know, it'd be pointless if you went there and not did anything. So you kind of end up doing quite a lot of work.
[00:01:19] Shelby Personally, I do prefer studying at home say rather than studying at uni, but sometimes I find it kind of necessary or there's things that are more useful at uni, like the library. However, if I do get bored of studying both at home and at uni, sometimes I'll go to like a coffee shop and study. It's just kind of like a completely different environment. Very good when I've got bored of previous environments and it's also just nice for a change and it's a bit more relaxing and less stressful because you're just, you know, out of your normal areas of study.
[00:01:51] Jess My advice is to be really minimal with your study set up, keep your desk as clear as you can, get rid of any additional clutter that that you don't need just to get rid of that extra distraction.
[00:02:02] Josi I'm a fine art student, which means sometimes I need a typical studying setup. But then for other assessments, my study space looks more like a kindergarten arts and crafts school
[00:02:14] Shelby I like doiing work on a desk because I kind of have the space to spread things out. I can have books open, I also find it a lot easier to concentrate while sitting at a desk rather than sitting on the sofa or on my bed or something like that.
[00:02:26] Jess My general study setup consists of my laptop and charger, my phone...
[00:02:31] Josi, a notebook, some pens...
[00:02:34] Jess headphones, a big bottle of water some snacks...
[00:02:37] Josi And a drink and give me loads of sweets.
[00:02:42] Shelby I think that I find really useful to have near the area I'm studying at something you can't quite see right now. But this thing here is actually a corkboard. It's quite big.
[00:02:50] Tierney I've got this wonderful pinboard, which is something I don't think I could live without whilst I'm studying.
[00:02:59] Jess While studying, I could not do without my laptop this bad boys got me through three years of uni.
[00:03:05] Josi I personally really rely on my computer and obviously if you don't have one, the other options like you can use the computers at university.
[00:03:15] Tierney The university offers plenty of laptops for you to hire out.
[00:03:18] Josi I've never tried it, but it seems pretty convenient
[00:03:22] Tierney if you're on a creative course or you're likely to use things like Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro or that kind of thing, then you're obviously going to need a laptop with higher specs. I just think googled things like student friendly laptops or budget editing laptops to find one that met my needs but was still at affordable price.
[00:03:39] Shelby Very recently I decided to get a reusable notebook and I wish I'd been using it sooner. It's so much easier and with a reasonable notebook to pay, you can scan your pages in on your phone and save all your notes electronically and then you can wipe the notebook clean and go again. So that's something that not only would I have to carry around like a heavy book, but I would have saved a bit on paper and a bit of money as well. So that's something I do wish I'd bought earlier on.
[00:04:07] Archie I kind of enjoy having sort of mood lighting, I guess, like you can get kind of colour changing lights I mean, that kind of helps, I guess, in a way.
[00:04:18] Josi Is it just me or do you also set up your study space, all nice and easy and you take a snap of it tell your friends "studying" and then that's it?
[00:04:32] Tierney The one thing that I have to have on my desk pretty much 24/7 is something to fiddle with. And this is kind of my little thing at the moment. It's like a little cube and it's got like different things to play with on each side. I like the buttons and they click.
[00:04:47] Josi Usually I try and leave my phone in a different room so I don't get distracted by that or I just turn the Internet off,
[00:04:53] Archie maybe put your phone in a drawer or something, just keep it out the way. Might help.
[00:04:58] Jess Listening to music is really helpful. While I'm doing my uni work and I got a few different story playlists, but I have on my Spotify, I kind of rotate between.
[00:05:07] Josi Sometimes I have music, sometimes I don't. It really depends on the mood because sometimes I do end up singing to Britney and that's not really what you should be doing. Also, if I'm around people or there's any noises, I like to wear headphones with noise cancellation so I can really zone out and fully concentrate on whatever I'm doing.
[00:05:25] Shelby When you're studying your sort of find things that work best for you and then you can put them into practise and like, learn from mistakes, things that didn't work, things like that. I hope you enjoyed the video and maybe picked up a couple of useful things to put into your own self-study. Thanks for watching. Bye bye.
[00:05:39] Josi Now. Now, enough distractions. You go and do whatever you need to do.
[00:05:44] Jess Bye, guys!