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Welcome to our exclusive Get Ready For Uni content hub. Whether you're worried about making friends, budgeting, cooking or writing assignments, we've got something to help. Take a look at our video tutorials or podcasts from real students and experts, and download our useful resources. You'll be ready for your first lecture before you know it.

Freshers facts

What is a Freshers fair?

A Freshers Fair is full of stands, activities and freebies to welcome you to BCU. Find out all the things you can get up to at the Fair.

What stationery do you need for uni?

Our student vlogger Shelby has advice on all the essentials that you need to pack in your pencil case.

What is a lecture?

Learning at university is quite different to school or college, find out what attending a lecture is like.

Mental health support at BCU

Whether you have an existing mental health condition or begin to need some extra support during your time at uni, BCU is equipped with the resources to help. 

Listen: Get Ready for Uni Podcast - Making friends at uni

First-year students Libby and Ethan chat all things friends and social life at uni, from living in halls to starting a society about dogs...

Get ready for uni: the podcast

Starting university this September? Listen to our podcasts to hear real students talk about making friends, budgeting, getting work experience and much more. We'll be adding new episodes each week to see you through the summer before uni.

Meet our students

Five things I'm excited about starting university

Maro has just got her place at Birmingham City University and is gearing up for a new life moving from London to a new city.

Chat to our students

Three of our students, Emily, Ana and Danish, answer all your questions about what it’s really like to be a student.

How I beat the pre-uni nerves

Starting uni can be an anxious time, but rest assured everyone else is in the same boat. Sam reflects on when he started university and shares his tips.

A better you

Productivity and goal setting tutorial

This video covers how to successfully set and achieve goals to ensure you are productive with your time.

The benefits of mindfulness

Students Ethan, Caitlin and Soumya provide a guide on aspects of mindfulness, exploring its benefits and providing suggested activities to try out every day.

Learn how to work smart and say no

In this tutorial, we would like you to think about working SMART.

Learn how to speed read

Boost your reading speed with simple practice drills.

Libby's time management tips

Libby shows how she best manages her time at uni. See what works for her, and get her top tips for balancing commitments at uni.