Five things I'm most excited about starting university

The run up to starting uni is an exciting one! Plenty of changes to get your head around. Maro has just got her place at Birmingham City University and is gearing up for a new life moving from London to a new city. Here she vlogs about the five main things that she is most excited about.

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[00:00:03] Maya You better stay. You better stay. wonderful, wonderful, hey guys! Nope!


[00:00:17] Things I'm looking forward to starting at uni.


[00:00:23]So number one is meeting new people, I'm actually so excited because, I'm living in southeast London it's great, it's cool, great. But I'm sick and tired of seeing the same things, same type people are. I just want to meet new people from different, different ends different cities, even different countries because international students. I love meeting new people. I'm proper excited, I just pray that God gives me the spirit of the sermon, the right people I start following, you know what I'm saying, it's the right crowd. So I'm just I'm just excited. So that's number one.


[00:01:03] Being independent. Say it again. Say it again. Being independent, having my own space, not Mara bring me the remote. No, no. Maro go wash, no. I live with six people. It's great. Don't get me wrong. Oh, so I got this, I need my own space, I'm excited to have my own room, cute, I'm excited to have my own room, cute, decorate it, my own bathroom. God, I can use bathroom when I like, not wait for people to finish like woop.


[00:01:51] I'm excited to experience new things and join new societies like catch me at drama and musical theatre. I want to try different like new societies as well.


[00:02:04] All right. numero quatro, I'm excited to grow as a person, I, I literally, feel in my soul that I'm going to leave uni like, a better me, just more mature, more like experience, more like. Do you get what I mean, just more grounded. I pray that my faith, you know, grows and stays with me. During uni.


[00:02:28] How can I forget? I'm excited to achieve my goal. That is, I want to get a first class. Somebody say hallelujah.


[00:02:36] And last but not least, I'm excited to go to a new city, you know hear the Brum accent, I love the Birmingham accent, nobody come for me. I love it. I love it. So overall, overall, I'm so excited about new city, new adventures, new everything. I mean. Growth, what's that word? Ambition! Yeah!