Tips for being a savvy student

When you're a student, you need all the hacks you can get your hands on to make your life that little bit easier. Final year student, Olivia, shares all the tricks of the trade that she's learned while studying with us. 

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[00:00:02] Olivia - student: Hi, my name's Olivia. And here are my top tips for being a savvy student. (Text on screen saying 'Meals and food'). First things first, food. Now, I know we probably all want to eat takeaways every night, but unfortunately, we can't. So what's good for food is to share with other people cooking with housemates, friends, family, or it could just mean meal planning for yourself, making the most of what you've got while also keeping your budget. A really good thing for this is to batch cook food so you can have food for maybe the entire week or at least a few days. That way you can save some money and also it's ready to go whenever you need it. Another great hack for food is to get a student cookbook because they normally have really affordable dishes in there really quick, easy meals to make, and they're usually quite yummy as well. Another thing I wish I knew was just how to cook a bit more. I honestly didn't know anything more than how to boil pasta, and I just wish that I could maybe cook a couple of things, even if it was only one or two dishes and just feel a bit more confident in the kitchen. [00:01:05][62.5]

[00:01:05] Olivia - student: (Text on screen saying 'Using student discount'). To be a savvy student, you've got to get on top of the student discounts personally, one of my favourite things to do, especially when you can get great deals like 50 percent off food or 20 percent off clothes. Honestly you can find some really great deals on places like UNiDAYS and Student Beans. You have to look for them sometimes, but they are amazing when you find a really great deal. [00:01:29][24.1]

[00:01:33] Olivia - student: (Text on screen saying 'Planning your work schedule'). Another great hack is to keep on top of your organisation. This might mean planning your days really effectively, knowing what works best for you is really good for this. So if you work best in the mornings, work in the mornings, and then you can have the afternoon off. That's a really good thing that's helped me through my whole university career. And I think it's really important to stay on top of your work and maybe do a lot of it as soon as you can, so then you can relax afterwards. One thing that I like to use for this is to literally plan out my days and I plan life things and uni things. So anything I want to do that day, no matter how big or small, I'll write it down and checking it off is really satisfying. [00:02:11][37.6]

[00:02:15] Olivia - student: (Text on screen saying 'Researching student bank accounts'). One of the things I wish I did before I started uni was to look around at different student bank accounts. Now, that might sound a bit boring, but actually they can vary quite a lot from each other. And what I didn't realise was that different banks could offer me different things in terms of overdraft and perks and things like that. And you want to make sure you're getting the best deal essentially. So don't necessarily go with the bank that you're already with. Definitely have a shop around if you want to get a student account. Thank you so much for listening. [00:02:15][0.0] [124.2]