Student cooking challenge

One of the biggest worries about living away from home is not having your own cook (parents) on hand! Our Birmingham City University vloggers were set a challenge to show how they cook at uni. 

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[00:00:14] Tierney I just received a very strange email just titled Your Challenge.


[00:00:22] Josi That's odd. This is a really weird email.


[00:00:24] Tierney How did you cope with cooking at meal times when you first started uni?


[00:00:28] Shelby Surely by now you have a variety of dishes you can create at the drop of a chef's hat.


[00:00:32] Jess We want you to recreate that first successful meal


[00:00:35] Tierney your staple meal and signature dish.


[00:00:37] Josi You have one hour to do this. So raid your fridge, cupboard or freezer to see what you can find.


[00:00:42] Shelby If an ingredient is not there, then improvise.


[00:00:44] Tierney Set a timer for one hour and go.


[00:00:55] Josi Right my go to meal is pasta basically because pasta is really cheap.


[00:01:01] Tierney I've decided that I'm going to make fried rice, which is very quick and easy, and it's great way of using all the leftovers in your fridge. I don't think it's going to take me an hour.


[00:01:10] Shelby Thinking of the signature dish, I think my signature dish would probably be stir fry. I make those way too often.


[00:01:16] Jess My favourite meal to cook when I'm at uni is my speciality spaghetti bolognese without the bolognese and sometimes without the spaghetti as well. Mix it up with pasta. So I don't know what you'd really call it.


[00:01:31] Shelby OK, so my cooking ability, I wouldn't say awful, but it's also not like pro chef.


[00:01:38] Josi When I started uni in first year, it was actually really challenging to cook for yourself.


[00:01:45] Jess I'm not a very good cook at all. When I'm at uni, I usually just stick to like the same three recipes because I know I can cook them, they taste alright and I'm not going to die.


[00:01:56] Shelby I have lived at home the entire time I've been at uni, so fending for myself wasn't really something I was worrying about because it's not like I'm going to starve here, but I have tried to do a bit more cooking. I found when I started cooking for myself a lot more was after I got a job and I was working in the evenings. So I wasn't actually eating with my family and therefore I did have to fend for myself.


[00:02:18] Josi It was decent stuff. You have to cook every day and you can't just have take out it every day because it doesn't work like that.


[00:02:39] Jess I hate cutting onions, I'm crying.


[00:02:43] Josi I forgot to turn the hob on.


[00:02:47] Tierney You just give a few minutes and a knob of butter. I did not say this was healthy.


[00:02:54] Shelby Then I just stir it in and pop the lid on and leave it to cook.


[00:03:00] Jess Tinned tomatoes, try and keep it in the pan. Bish bash bosh.


[00:03:08] Tierney So it took me about 35 minutes to make that, easy peasy and tastes just let what you get at a take away.


[00:03:17] Josi Right now it doesn't even look appealing, I'm not even going to show you.


[00:03:17] Shelby And here's a look at the final thing. So we've got stir fry and noodles, and I probably cooked it in about 15 minutes tops.


[00:03:25] Jess And I think we are done. It's not looking too bad, actually. Bon appetit. So I cooked it with a whole five minutes to spare.


[00:03:37] Josi Right. I would say the masterpiece is done. If you love pasta, this is definitely for you. It just tastes like pasta, chicken and garlic. It's amazing.


[00:03:53] Josi And there you get enough chicken fried rice for all the family.


[00:03:57] Josi So my plan when I started was to cook big meals now and then and then save the leftovers and like takeaway containers or glass jars, which is really useful and a good tip to recycle those.


[00:04:11] Jess Cook more than you need, like cook as much as you can, eat what you're going to eat for that meal and then with the rest of it, box it up and then you can freeze it or chill it and there you go. You have a meal for another day.


[00:04:23] Josi Also it's quite fun if you're trying to cook big meals and then freeze them for later and your future self will thank you on a very busy and stressful day when you really don't want to cook.


[00:04:40] Jess When I first moved in to my uni student accommodation, I really struggled with being independent, like on one hand I really enjoyed the freedom and I got to do whatever I want, whenever I want. But I also really didn't like having to fend for myself in terms of cooking. I think the first couple of days, actually, I just I ate only cereal. I don't think I even touched the oven for at least a week.


[00:05:04] Tierney I hope this has inspired you to try a few new recipes.


[00:05:07] Josi It might take you a little while to find your uni go to meal, and it probably will be some form of pasta or rice.


[00:05:15] Shelby I hope you enjoyed watching us all have a go at this challenge. Thank you for watching, bye.