A Day in the Life of My P&G Internship

Ever wondered about a day in the life of a P&G intern? I'm Sohaib, currently navigating the exciting world of a P&G internship. Come along as I share the details of my day, offering a sneak peek into the dynamic experiences that shape life at P&G. Let's get started! 

6:00 AM: BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! That horrid sound knocks me back to reality. Thankfully I am enjoying my reality a lot right now – who knew an internship could be such a great experience? I put on my polo shirt customised with my name and the required safety shoes since we work in a production facility. I skipped breakfast this morning, so I could grab a bite at the office canteen. My commute to work today was a sweet twenty minutes because my manager who lives nearby offered to give me a lift – this cut down an hour-and-a-half journey.

9:00 AM: Once I get into the office, I grab breakfast and then put my head down to tackle some projects. I check my emails and the schedule for the day. Today consists of team meetings, some admin work – checking the progress of my projects and some site meetings. During my first meeting of the day, I presented my ideas to the team about a project we are working on. Presenting is always a great experience to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on.

11:00 AM: Being an intern at P&G has been so great for me. I have already gained so many valuable skills – both soft and hard. These include strategic/master planning, enhanced communication, and increased confidence.

12:30 PM: Lunch Time! This is when all the interns get together from different departments. We get to chat about our experiences and spend some time together outside of work. I love that the P&G canteen has so many options, halal, vegetarian and more depending on your dietary preferences and requirements. Today we chose to explore the area and opted for a local restaurant nearby. I love seeing all the interns unite – we all bond over this shared experience.

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2:00 PM: After lunch, I got straight back to work. I often use the end of the workday to concentrate and focus on my tasks. The mornings tend to be busy with various meetings, so I take this time very seriously. Today I decided to oversee and review other team members' projects to ensure they meet the business requirements. We often times get to check out other interns' work to develop our managerial skills. Working at P&G has developed me not only professionally but personally and I am beyond grateful for this.

4:30 PM: The end of the day is always bittersweet for me because I enjoy my work and the people I work with. But today I have some fun plans. I will be spending time with some of my family that lives in London.

7:00 PM: It is always fun spending time with my family. Today, we played badminton and I won this nice round!

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