Real-life Briefs and Projects

Work with real clients and showcase your innovative ideas by working in our very own Marketing Agency!

What is The Link Marketing Agency? Marketing Link Agency

The Link was established in 2012 and is an internal Marketing Agency at Birmingham City University run by undergraduate students. This is an innovative and ambitious concept that allows you to show your competitive edge in the marketing industry. The members of the agency serve real clients in response to a live brief. This year's client is Cure Leukaemia.

Who can join?

As long as you are an enrolled current undergraduate student primarily from the following course pathways: Business and Marketing BA (Hons), Marketing BA (Hons), or Marketing, Advertising and PR BA (Hons) you are eligible to apply for positions within The Link Marketing Agency.

How will this help me?

Working in The Link will allow you to enhance your employability skills and build a portfolio of real client projects that you will complete during your time at Birmingham City Business School. It is a great opportunity for you to not only gain first-hand experience but to develop your skill set and expertise to showcase to potential employers upon graduation.

Recent successful graduate Jadean Taylor, who has secured a job with MTV, says: "The Link is an invaluable experience to my career prospects, and I have been able to apply my degree knowledge to a real life situation. I have had a fantastic time working with other students that are also passionate about marketing."

Find out more?

Keep up to date with the current live brief that The Link are working on via the platforms below:

View the Cure Leukaemia Facebook campaign

View the Cure Leukaemia campaign video

Or to register your interest please contact Nicola Gittins for further information.