Demy-May Butler

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations - BA (Hons)

Demy-May Butler worked on a live project with the Library of Birmingham. It was a real eye-opener in understanding how the industry works – and it’s given Demy the career inspiration she was looking for.

“Working with a real client on a brief was the most challenging and benefiting experience I’ve undertaken at uni so far. I’ve never really understood what is actually expected of us in the industry until this module; it opened up what jobs are available and made me think about my future prospects more.

"I also understand how much pressure you’re under to give the client something that actually solves a problem rather than is just memorable. The most important thing I’ve learnt is how things are going to be when I graduate - and that was so important because I feel like I have direction now.

The module really helped me with a lot of areas, mainly my ability to analyse a circumstance, research and identify the problem and then recommend a solution. The module takes you through the whole process, so you learn not only how to analyse but how to shape your creativity to a final product, and that is so rewarding.

I feel so much more confident after the module, I’ve learnt how to speak to a client and get the best information from them and I feel much more confident in my ability to approach them and not feel intimidated … and in my ability to pitch my idea to an actual client.

I found my passion for the subject properly. I have an idea of my skills and what career I want … and I’m absolutely determined to get it because of this module.”