Leadership Challenge

What is the Leadership Challenge?

There's only so much you can learn about leadership in a classroom. You need to get out and do it. Real life experience is the very best way to develop the soft skills – leadership, team building, initiative – that employers are looking for and to really boost your confidence.

But where do you find the right kind of experiences? That's what our Leadership Challenge is all about – giving you fantastic leadership experience and helping you illustrate it to potential employers. All while getting out of your comfort zone, making new friends ...and having fun!

Why take part in the Leadership Challenge?

  • Demonstrate your leadership talent with real life business projects that you can showcase to potential employers
  • Get short sharp exposure to real life business challenges, often paid projects
  • Win awards and get recognition for your hard work outside your business degree course
  • Get exposure to different business situations, employers and people
  • Make new friends and really feel part of something
  • Build your confidence
  • Get stuck in and have fun!

What sort of leadership experiences?

We've got all kinds of events, projects with employers and competitions lined up. Here are some of our recent experiences:

Develop better teamwork skills

We believe in pioneering cross-faculty working – after all, out in the real world, that's precisely how you'll need to be able to work. You'll team up with all kinds of people – from different courses, different faculties, even different universities, and all kinds of employers, from large businesses to SMEs. It's a great way to understand other perspectives.

Start small

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a brilliant way to build your confidence, but it's easy to start small. Try bitesize activities and then build up as your confidence grows. Start by watching and participating – by the time you leave us you'll be mentoring other students and managing activities yourself. What a fantastic way to show your development!