Leadership Challenge

You'll get an incredible buzz from this international business simulation competition, where students from all over Europe compete to manage a virtual company. It’s all about thinking on your feet to respond to live changes – whether it’s a merger, a customer complaint, a change in the market – and make the decisions that will keep the company growing there and then.

2014 winners

Europe's most entrepreneurial students Laura Attwell, Vladina Chira, Andrei Tiu, Jeremy Cooper and Osman Malvankar have been crowned the European Business Masters Cup winners.

After two days of intense but friendly rivalry with universities from Austria, Germany and Scotland, the competition was won by a team including Business School student Vladina Chira. Vladina said: "It's been an incredible experience. I've learnt such a lot in just a couple of days and I'm looking forward to applying it."

In 2013, Jeremy Cooper reached the semi-finals of the challenge in Stuttgart.

2012 winners

In 2012, 'Team Seven' - made up of six Birmingham City University students, along with a student from Aston University - were crowned overall winners of the UK heat of the European Business Master after a consistent performance throughout the two days of “fierce but friendly rivalry.”

Teams were tasked with the job of controlling the fortunes of a car manufacturing company, making difficult decisions on a variety of areas including: production, HR, finance, sales, marketing, operations and manufacturing. Each team were ultimately competing to maximise their market share and increase their company’s overall share price.

Team Seven member Jacqueline Maya said: “This has been an amazing two days of competition. I’ve learnt such a lot from it and it’s been a great opportunity to gain some new employability skills.”

In 2012 the UK competition saw more than 90 students from the three universities applying to take part.