Esports Management: An emerging area with an exciting future

Competitive video gaming has come a long way since the “winner-stays-on” rounds on Tekken 3. Nowadays, it is not just the pursuit of a group of friends sat around a PlayStation on a Saturday morning, but of professional teams filling out arenas across the world.

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The growth potential of the Esports sector is massive – the industry is expected to be worth $1.7 billion by 2021, which is a growth of 18.4% per year. This is twinned with the continuing growth of the video game industry as a whole, which was projected to make over $134 billion in 2018. In the UK, our home-grown video game sector is the second largest in Europe. Additionally, the UK gaming sector is worth more than the UK video and music sectors combined. 

Given the above, there has never been a better time to study in the emerging area of Esports management. While the sector requires knowledge and skills that can be found in any area of management, Esports management needs specialists with unique experiences bespoke to the industry. 

BA (Hons) Esports Management

Global Gaming 

When you look at the amount of Esports competitions taking place every day across the world, you start to see just how widespread and exciting the future career prospects are for those studying the area. On a small scale, any gaming festival you could attend will feature some kind of competition, which will require the multiple sub-disciplines of management expertise to see the event become a success 

But on a larger scale, tournaments such as the ESL Premier League, EVO and Overwatch League are starting to fill arenas when they tour and are streamed around the world on Twitch. Players and teams have a global following on social media. More and more, these tournaments are moving into the traditionalist mainstream sporting channels. For example, the 2019 All-Star game of the Overwatch League aired on ESPN, and the winners of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup shared a top prize of $3 million! 

This growth, both in terms of revenue and reputation, shows no sign of stopping, and the need for industry savvy graduates will only increase in the years to come. However, the diversity of skills needed aren’t only suitable for the Esports industry. 

Skills to succeed 

Through the study of Esports management, you’ll be gaining knowledge that can be applied to any management industry around the world. 

The industry requires those with experience and key skills in leadership and management to become the industry's future. It needs key skills - such as strategy building, marketing, budgeting and analytics, that once learned, aren’t limited to the Esports industry. Everything from the event and sports management sector to the world of corporate management will appreciate a graduate with a diversified set of tools that can allow them to adapt to anything their role requires.  

Our Esports Management course at Birmingham City Business School is designed to make you a well-rounded management graduate, with knowledge and experience of a wide range of areas. When you successfully complete the course, you will have many career paths set out in front of you, in the Esports sector and beyond.  

The video game boom is here, which means there is no better time to consider becoming an Esports Management student at Birmingham City University! 

Esports Industry Key Facts
  • Esports market revenue at $1.1bn globally  
  • UK video game sector ranked second largest in Europe and fifth largest in the world  
  • Twitch attracts over 10 million viewers per day  
  • In 2018 there were 737 major Esports events globally 
  • League of Legends was the No. 1 game by live Esports hours watched on Twitch and YouTube at 347.4 million  

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