The best property shows to watch on demand

From building homes and cities to selling properties, there are so many fascinating shows about the built environment around us. Watching something that you’re interested in can often spark an interest in exploring career options in that area.

We have picked out some great property shows available on demand so that you can get familiar with the subject of the built environment and see if it could be the career path for you, while enjoying a bit of downtime and TV! So, grab the popcorn and dive into the world of the built environment.

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The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes – on BBC iPlayer

This series follows architect Piers Taylor and property enthusiast Caroline Quentin, as they travel around the world seeking out a range of extraordinary homes. There is no limit to imagination as they explore abodes in forests, mountains, by the sea and even underground.

What you will learn: Throughout the episodes you learn about the architectural decisions, construction, planning laws and the environment in which the home has been built. The homes really are…well, extraordinary.

If you’re feeling inspired by this show then a career in architectural technology could be for you.

Grand Designs – on All4

This series showcases the whole process of designing and building a home, that is not only a place to live and work but is an architectural monument. From houses on hills to glass structures, there are a number of factors that have to be considered when planning such grand properties.

What you will learn: See how some of the most ambitious self-building projects are constructed, and what problems occur within development.

Stay Here – Netflix

Interested in real estate? Short-term rentals can be one of the easier options to begin your path into real estate. Join designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer as they travel around America helping property owners transform their rentals.

What you will learn: From a beach house in Malibu to a carriage house on the Hudson river, learn about the fundamental factors that go into creating a moneymaking showstopper.

If this show is something you are interested in then a career in real estate might be what you’re looking for.

Extreme Engineering – Amazon Prime

Extreme Engineering is a series that follows architect Danny Foster, as he takes a detailed look at some of the most complex constructions around the world.

What you will learn: Find out about the construction techniques and computer programmes that are behind building such unique and magnificent structures. Hear interviews with engineers and onsite architects, as well as a detailed analysis on some of the roles within the industry.

If this show is something you could see yourself doing then a career in civil engineering or construction management would suit you.

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