Gabriella Broadley

Piece of Mind: An Exploration of How Objects Embody Memory

Gabriella Broadley is a final-year Jewellery and Objects student at our School of Jewellery. Her heartwarming project looks at the relationship between memories and physical objects.

Jewellery and Objects - BA (Hons)

Give us a brief overview of your project

This project was sparked by a family photograph that captured my Nonna and her children, including my mother as an infant. This image sparked my curiosity and led me to explore the intricate relationship between physical objects, memories, and emotions. Through extensive research and analysis, I aimed to understand this relationship on a deeper level and to uncover insights that could inform the development of practical applications. Specifically, I delved into the creation of unique and personal art objects that evoke emotional responses and memories for both the participant and viewer.

Why did you choose this concept?

As a maker, my goal is to forge connections among individuals through meaningful experiences. I am committed to crafting pieces that resonate with people on a personal level. In my pursuit, I envisioned a concept and process that can be embraced by anyone, for it is the participant who is central to the journey. By involving the participant in the creative process, the final pieces become infused with personal significance and purpose. Each unique fingerprint embedded within the artwork becomes a symbol, representing the cherished memories it holds. Moreover, this collaborative act of creation not only preserves treasured past memories but also fosters the formation of new ones. It serves as a tool, enabling the shaping of both individual and collective memory.

What processes have you been using?

Throughout the duration of this project, I have been fortunate to engage in an extensive array of processes, encompassing screen-printing, lost-wax casting, 3D printing and laser engraving. Moreover, I have had the honor of working across various esteemed locations within BCU, notably the School of Jewellery and the School of Art. This invaluable opportunity granted me access to an extensive selection of cutting-edge machinery and tools, allowing me to venture into a wide range of techniques and methodologies.

What do you hope to achieve with your project?

I hope this project is a significant stepping stone towards fostering a future in community-based craft initiatives. I am passionate about how craft and making can facilitate connections amongst people and the power it has to simply make people happy and I hope that is something I can be a part of in the future.

How has your course helped you to prepare for working on your project?

My academic journey on this course has been vital in bringing this project to life, providing me with essential resources and support. Firstly, the guidance and expertise of the academic staff and technicians across BCU have been instrumental in my project's success. Their commitment to sharing knowledge and skills has sparked my enthusiasm to learn and explore. Additionally, the access to top of the range equipment has been crucial, enabling me to fully utilise technological capabilities. Lastly, the support from fellow students has been invaluable, creating a collaborative environment that has enhanced my overall experience.