Eduard-Dumitru Popescu

Urban Regeneration Through Learning

Eduard-Dumitru Popescu is third year Architecture student trying to combat social injustice through his community hub design proposal.

Architecture - BA (Hons)

Give us a brief overview of your project

My project proposes the integration of a learning campus for all people in a difficult situation both socially and economically. By implementing a community hub where citizens can learn about the benefits of growing, caring for and selling food, they can combat social injustice. The proposal includes modern architecture in harmony with the surrounding environment and context, as well as favouring the development of a resilient community with future benefits.

Why did you choose this concept?

Through urban regeneration in the Vauxhall area using the implementation of a food and food cultivation learning campus, I want to combat social injustice and community development.

What processes have you been using?

I used 3D model generation techniques, artificial intelligence to solve the statistics and necessary spaces, physical modeling techniques to test the volumes in different shapes and volumes as well as the generation of an organic facade that also has the role of shading the interior of the building.

What do you hope to achieve with your project?

The hope of this project is to solve social injustice and to combat local poverty and hunger in the Vauxhal area, the only method by which we have concluded that these problems can be solved is only through education.

How has your course helped you to prepare for working on your project?

The course helped me through different methods, from tutorials with various tutors and teachers to guidance to external references such as books, documentaries or case studies. Also, the realisation of the physical models was very important for the realisation of this project, thus, I used all the BCU facilities made available to develop the project as I want it myself.