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Inspired Festival is a showcase of work from students from the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media. Work is exhibited throughout June across Birmingham city centre at a range of venues as well as on digital and static billboards and across our own University sites.

The theme of this years show is sustainability, which is at the forefront of the University's strategic plan and interweaves throughout the teaching, learning and research environment across our faculty.

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Paul-Romulus Penciu is a final year Photography student. His striking work stems from sexuality and taboo within religion, and his project uses bold imagery to depict this.


Charlotte Blazier is a final year Textile Design student. Her sensory and mindfulness based project, Tactile Bliss, aims to evoke comforting, nature-like feelings.

I definitely say what inspires me is trying to help other people through my textiles. Hi, my name is Charlotte, and I study textile design. Today is the first day of the final major project, so my project is all about comfort through tactility. On my projects, I like to focus it around wellbeing and helping other people. It's focused around comfort and trying to comfort people that may be suffering with anxiety or just to relax and make them feel at ease.

So I definitely say what inspires me is trying to help other people through my textiles that I make. I also did an interview with my grandad and he's recently had a stroke, so I was trying to show him these different initial samples and he didn't really understand the concept of pushing things in and out and things being functional and tactile.

So he preferred one of the samples that was like brushed crochet, so it was really soft. And he said it reminded him of his dog at home and it made him feel nice and comforted. So with my final pieces, I've kind of tailored them to be inclusive for everyone. So we've got the tactile ones, the interactive functional ones, but also ones that are just nice to touch.

So it kind of includes everybody of different ages and abilities and stuff like that. I’ve nearly finished all my work for inspired festival. So I've got all my final samples ready and yeah, ready to go. I'm really excited to get to have the opportunity to display my work and have people of the creatives come and look at my work and possibly speak to people from industry and I would just be proud to have it on display.


Gabriella Broadley, a final year Jewellery and Objects student, explores the connection between memories and physical objects in her heartwarming project.

Libby Hudson

Libby Hudson is a final year Fashion Business and Promotion Student. Her project combines innovative technology with environment-conscious fashion.

I'm proud of my project. I think it's nice seeing it come together after all the others that I've put in it. My name is Libby and I am on Fashion Business and Promotion. My project is a 12 piece hypothetical Ocean Conscious collection. So this is looking at innovative and sustainable materials and dyes and things that work with nature rather than against nature.

An important part of my concept is digital twinning. So each garment will have a digital counterpart. Within this kind of Ocean metaverse. I visit some of these vintage shops because it's a great way to gain inspiration for the aesthetics of the kind of things I'm designing. Whether that's branding or product, because there's a lot of different of a range of aesthetics defy current trends as well.

As the collection was related to the sea I definitely wanted to do a swimsuit So I tried to do an elevated kind of simple swimsuit and the name means wave, vibe or ripple in Spanish. I have printed out my A1 posters and which I designed using Adobe software. I finished my app mock-up and I've also made a video which showcases my project.

I'm really excited to showcase my work, also see everyone else's work and just have a great way to mark the end of my degree.

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