Using the Archive

All visitors to the Archive must agree to abide by the following rules:

  • External visitors must provide proof of identity on their first visit to the Archive and sign a Researcher Registration Form
  • Visitors must sign the Visitors' Book on each visit to the Archive
  • No eating or drinking in the Archive
  • Bags and coats should be deposited in the available lockers and are not to be placed on work surfaces
  • Handle all collection items with care as all use increases wear and tear
  • White gloves will be provided for handling older materials
  • Use pencils not ink or ballpoint pens in the Archive
  • Do not mark items in any way
  • Do not lean on documents or put working materials or other items on top of them
  • All items and files should be returned in the condition and order in which they were issued

Photographing items

  • Visitors are allowed to use cameras, tablets and mobile phones to photograph some of our collections. Please ask a member of staff if you need any guidance.
  • Photographs taken are still subject to copyright, privacy and data protection legislation and must only be used for personal research, not for commercial purposes. Some material cannot be photographed. This includes:
    • restricted or special access material
    • items where their format, size or condition means they are at risk of damage
    • items where there may be data protection, privacy or third-party rights issues.
  • Please turn off your camera flash and any audible sound or alerts. We don’t allow any audio or video recording.
  • Hold your device firmly with both hands to avoid dropping it on the collection items. If your device has a hand or neck strap, please use it.
  • Book supports and weights are available in the Reading Room which will, in some cases, make it easier to photograph an item. Please don’t manipulate or distort items to get a better image.