Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests are used by recruiters to assess ability aptitude and personality.

Psychometric tests are being increasingly used by employers to see how you perform in a variety of tasks. They also give you the opportunity to demonstrate a range of skills, including communication, time management and team working skills as well as personal attributes such as motivation.

Tests are often taken under exam conditions and are usually timed and are designed to measure your intellectual capability for thinking and reasoning.

Preparing for a psychometric tests

Always prepare

You cannot revise for a test as you would an exam, but you can prepare yourself. You should find out exactly what your test will entail. In a numeracy test, you may be allowed to use a calculator, but if not, then you should try to practice without using one.

A quick brush up on basic maths formulas, such as percentages, is a good idea. You can also try out a test online to get used to how they work.

Practice if you can

It is worth familiarising yourself with sample tests and take a practice test. You can also check out how to master psychometric tests and develop strategies.

Keep your potential employer informed

Contact the administrator in advance if there are any factors likely to affect you performance e.g. Dyslexia or if English is not you first language.

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Psychometric Tests