Becoming an alumni mentor

Alumni mentor

Have you graduated from Birmingham City University in the last two to three years?

Do you have your own business or work in a graduate level position?

Why not become an Alumni Mentor at Birmingham City University and inspire the next generation of business professionals!

The Inspiring Futures Mentoring scheme has been designed to give penultimate, and final-year students the chance to get face-to-face mentoring from a young professional based in Birmingham, like yourself. Offering them the opportunity to find out what it’s really like to enter employment after their studies and introduces them to the workforce, with the help of someone like you who knows how it all works! Being a graduate from Birmingham City University, puts you in a great position to really inspire the next generation.

So what is expected of you as an Alumni Mentor?

All we ask from our mentors is that they can meet their student once a month, for around an hour. This can take place at the mentor's place of work, at university, or somewhere neutral, like a local café.  We also have various events throughout the year, starting with the scheme launch due to be held mid-November, and an awards event at the end of the scheme for mentors and mentees to really get involved!

At the end of the academic year, we then celebrate the year’s successes with an awards ceremony, where we wind down the year and reward the progress that’s been achieved by the dedication of all of our mentors and mentees. This is a brilliant opportunity to network with other mentors and mentees, as well as celebrating the progress.

What our mentors gain from the schemes:

  • An excellent training programme designed to enhance leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Personal satisfaction and awareness
  • Formal recognition which may progress your own career
  • Expansion of your networks of professional contacts.


Please get in touch with our Careers+ team for more information. You can email us at or call us on 0121 300 4389.

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