Celebrating Our Graduates

We are proud to be celebrating 180 years of BCU with our first Alumni Festival, as we showcase inspirational graduates from all four of our faculties. After completing their studies at BCU, many of our alumni have become icons in their industries, broken down barriers and made a lasting impact on their local area.

Our exhibition and events celebrate their achievements and the work they have completed in their chosen industries since graduating from BCU, as well as reflecting on the many varied career journeys they have taken. Be inspired by the sheer talent, tenacity and success of our alumni community.

BCU alumni

We're proud to boast an alumni community of more than 100,000 graduates in 120 countries. But no matter where they are in the world, they are connected by their shared experience here in Birmingham, and will always be part of BCU. 

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Clair Graham

BCU's 'Alumna of the Year' Clair speaks about her upbringing and how she overcame challenges to become the local hero she is today, as well as what it takes to become a leader, look after your health and wellbeing, and what it takes to survive in her industry. 

Industry icons


Maryam never thought her passion for photography could turn into a successful career but she's now producing award-winning photography.

Maryam's career

Keith Scobie-Youngs

Horology graduate Keith has restored some of the largest and most famous clocks in the world, including Big Ben.

Keith's career

Esther Abrami

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire alumna Esther is now signed to Sony, is a TikTok sensation and is transforming how people view, and listen to, classical music.

Esther's career


In this CityTalk interview, Automotive designer Patrick le Quément discusses his successful career at Simca, Ford, Volkswagen Group and Renault.

Local heroes

Morgan Grice

Illustration alumna Morgan combined her love of bookbinding and illustration to start her own successful stationery business, Odd Orange.

Morgan's career

Luke Perry

Luke's 15-year art career has seen him create artwork that represents diverse communities.

Luke's career

Clair Graham

Our Alumna of the Year, Clair, helps and inspires young people across Birmingham as part of her work at Birmingham Children's Trust.

Clair's career

Casey Bailey

Casey studied Education (MA) at BCU, and alongside his role as an Assistant Head Teacher, he is also the founder of Baileys Rap and Poetry, which led the way for him to become Birmingham Poet Laureate. Enjoy Casey's poem, Be Continuously United, which celebrates 180 years of BCU. 

Barrier breakers

Mahdiyah Bandali

Paramedic Science graduate Mahdiyah is highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion in paramedicine.

Mahdiyah's career

Shona Brownlee MBE

The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire alumna is now a Team GB Paralympian.

Shona's career

Christine GZ

Christine is one of the best racing drivers in the world and a BCU Motorsport Technology graduate. 

Christine's career

180 years of BCU

We have been educating world-class graduates since 1843.

Maryam: I’m Maryam – and I AM BCU. BCU alumni like me have been changing society for 180 years. There are more than a hundred thousand of us across the world each one of us different but connected and shaped by our shared experience here in Birmingham. An experience that Luke describes through his artwork, which can be seen across our city and region. Working at the point where art meets engineering, his large-scale sculptures are designed to be enjoyed by everyone, and give voice to under-represented communities. Our community is a network of people who are not afraid to make their ambitions a reality. People who have the confidence to take the opportunities life presents to them. People who leave their mark – whether this is on their communities, their industries or by forging a path for others to follow. Clair has certainly left her mark – on her city and the lives of countless children who live here. Her own experiences of growing up in Birmingham shaped her approach to her career and she has subsequently dedicated two decades of her life to ensuring the children of her home city have people championing their rights, and protecting them from harm. Because BCU alumni like us are barrier breakers. We are local heroes. We are industry icons. Take Patrick, for example. His work has been seen by millions - he is the designer of the iconic Renault Twingo. One of the leading automotive designers in history, his designs have birthed more than 60 million cars. But our graduates don’t just go on to achieve their own potential – they dedicate their own work to ensuring others can discover how much they have to offer. Casey does this through his creative endeavours and his work in schools – with a commitment to reducing inequality and tackling disadvantage. And Izabella has forged her own path and has made things happen not just for her – but for those who will come after her. She started her engineering career as the only woman in her department. Far from feeling disheartened, she has carved out a career which has inspired a new generation of female engineers ready to take the industry by storm. Because BCU graduates don’t always take the expected route. They are people who think creatively, embrace change, understand the value of community, and have the determination to make things happen. That’s how one of our community ended up being responsible for the restoration of a national landmark. Using his love for clocks and the grounding he received at BCU, Keith has developed a career as a master craftsman whose skills are sought after all over the world over – which led him to the work to repair and preserve the most famous clock in the world – Big Ben. And I understand the value of looking for the road less travelled. BCU gave me a platform to launch a career that seemed out of reach before I came here. But with the confidence I gained here, my portrait photography career has really taken off. I’ve won awards, worked on TV shows and brushed shoulders with people from all walks of life. BCU’s ambition for close to two centuries has been to create a foundation for graduates like me, who make a real difference to people’s lives. From horology to healthcare, from English to engineering, and from finance to fashion our alumni transform society in a myriad of ways. Because our journey with BCU doesn’t end when we cross the stage at our graduation. We want to give back, inspiring students of the future to make the most of their experience and giving them permission to dream a little bigger. Our alumni community is growing every year, continuing to evolve and succeed; to achieve our wildest dreams. No matter where we are in the world, we will always be a part of BCU.