Advanced Powertrain Control

Whatever carbon reduction technology is likely to be adopted, it is without doubt that the control complexity of the powertrain system is going to increase. Birmingham City University’s Centre for Low Carbon Research has developed an advanced control research and development capability for industry and is central to the university’s unique postgraduate programmes in this area.

Our specific areas of research include:

  • Optimal Control of Diesel Powertrain Emissions using EGR and VGT
  • Advanced Model-Based Transient EGR Control
  • Development of Electric-Turbocharger for Improved Driveability
  • Open ECU Development for Emissions Control
  • Development of a Hybrid Powertrain Control Architecture
  • Advanced Emissions Control Strategies for IC Engines
  • Development of an SCR Control System for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines
  • Development of Safety Critical Metrics for Powertrain Controls
  • Fuel Flexibility and Emissions Control of Heavy Diesel Engines