David Maynard

Education Facilitator / Numeracy Support Coordinator

0121 331 6027

David has been a member of the ADD (Academic Development Department) for over fifteen years. His core role is Numeracy Support Co-ordinator. In this role he supports faculty students in numeracy and mathematics learning. David also advises faculty staff on issues around mathematics learning and teaching.

David's background in dyslexia learning support helps him to maintain a non-judgemental approach to supporting all adult learners realising the adaptations that work for dyslexic students will also benefit non-dyslexics. A particular skill that he is keen to promote in the faculty is the use of mind mapping as it has a range of academic skills enhancements, such as in the area of planning assignments, project management and brainstorming to mention a few. David is keen to increase student and staff awareness of assistive technology as he is visually impaired and finds that even the simplest common features of the smart phone can be used to great effect when studying. 

The faculty provides access to a wide range of software applications and David is engaged in an initiative to encourage the use of such a package called Mind Genius Business 6 mind mapping software.

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