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The Department of Healthcare Education (DHE)

Providing post-registration education for nurses and other allied healthcare professionals within the Defence Medical Services.

Our flexible programme is tailored to meet the specific needs of the Defence Medical Services. It can be studied as stand-alone modules, to complement your existing areas of expertise, or as a unique BSc (Hons) degree, which develops a full range of skills specific to defence healthcare. Other qualification options include Graduate Certificate and a BSc.

Defence Healthcare Studies - BSc (Hons)

Our Defence Healthcare Studies degree comprises a range of modules designed to enhance the expertise, understanding and qualifications of military nurses and allied health professionals.

Evidence Based

This module helps you to identify what constitutes 'best practice' within defence environments.
Evidence Based Practice >>

Professional Issues in Defence Healthcare

An introduction to theories of professionalism and leadership within defence healthcare.
Professional Issues in Defence Healthcare >>

Defence Healthcare Governance

Harness and build upon existing knowledge and experience of governance in practice.
Defence Healthcare Governance >>

Diverse Nature of Defence Healthcare

This module will focus on the patient journey from a multi-professional perspective.
Diverse Nature of Defence Healthcare >>