Interviews are required for Paramedic Science, Speech and Language Therapy, Diagnostic Radiography, Therapeutic Radiography and Operating Department Practice.

Interview days follow the same format with the exception of a few courses (see additional information).

So how can you make that all important first impression?

HELS interviews impressions - documents

Make sure you bring all the requested documents detailed in your email from Admissions.

HELS interviews impressions - late
Don't be late

Promptness is an integral part of professional conduct so allow lots of time for travel and plan for possible delays.

HELS interviews impressions - dress smart
Dress appropriately

Clinical environments have a strict dress code for hygiene reasons as well as service user and public expectations. Try to remember how a service user might feel presented with a health professional in inappropriate dress.

HELS interviews impressions - recap

Bring your personal statement and ensure you’ve recapped on all the highlights.

What should you expect?


You’ll be sent a link to your interview on Microsoft Teams via email. In this email, there should be a 'Join meeting' link. At your allocated interview time, press 'Join meeting'. 


You’ll be shown a presentation 


If Numeracy and Literacy tests are part of your interview then you will be told about this in advance in your email from Admissions. You’ll complete your tests on the day and will need to pass the tests to move on to the interview part of the day. If you don’t pass we will advise on the best steps to take to be able to reapply. 


Your interview will be with at least one academic or health and social care professional. If service users (Experts by Experience) are also going to be present you will be advised in advance, usually through your email from Admissions.


During the interview, explain why you think this is the right career for you. Apply the ‘five whys’ to explain how you would get beneath the surface to make a real impact.