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Here’s some additional information you might need for specific courses:

Operating Department Practice

You will view a film on your interview day. The film will highlight a typical situation in practice and is intended to stimulate discussion. It will also help evaluate your own abilities and interest in working with this group of service users.

Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy interviews will have up to three lecturers on the call. To prepare for the interview, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with Sports Therapy as a profession and gain an understanding of the differences between Sports Therapy and other Allied Health Professions. We would also expect candidates to have an understanding of the role of a Sports Therapist. It would also be helpful to familiarise yourself with common sporting injuries and contemporary issues within the world of Sports Therapy.


The selection process combines online and in person activities. The first stage is a written task. Those who successfully complete the written task will be invited to an in-person selection event on campus, which will include a group and one-to-one interview.