The app to make student life easier

If only there was one place where you could see your schedule, get updates about your course and live chat whenever you had an enquiry. There is! Find out why you need to download the BCU University Assistant app if you study with us, or before you start your course.   

The University Assistant (UA) has since become a huge success over the last three years among full time students within the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and The Built Environment (CEBE). It is used to share personalised, engaging and useful media content to make your student experience simple and easy, giving you access to the right information when you need it.

Here are some features that will be available to you when you download the University Assistant app.

Welcome Week information

Starting University might feel overwhelming with so much new information to take in. That’s why we have everything you need to get familiar with campus and student life within the touch of a button on the app. When you first start, you can use the app to find Welcome Week information as well as Covid safety information which will be updated on a regular basis. Plus, you’ll have access to your new schedule and receive a welcome message from your course leader.

Important Updates

With University Assistant, accessing your timetable is only one click away. We also know that in the current climate, things can change quite often and with this app, we’ll be able to notify you of any changes to your sessions through push notifications that go directly to your phone! We’ll also be able to update you on any important news regarding the university. This will help your planning and organisation to quickly be able to see when you are on/off campus, when reading week is and other important calendar dates.

What’s happening around campus

Due to COVID-19, the importance of this app has become even more prominent, as we are able to communicate relevant information to you remotely, straight to your smartphone. Our content will be based on what is happening at the university in general, plus the latest guidelines and updates.

Ask us your questions

If you’re lost, confused or simply have a question to ask, the University Assistant has a live chat feature where your query will be handled by one our friendly and knowledgeable University Assistant Team. The live chats are answered on weekdays during working hours. You can also use this feature to alert the UA team of any issues that you come across on the app itself. Over the 2019 academic year, the team had answered just over 1000 incoming chats from students, 98.76 percent of these chats were resolved by the UA team alone. 

Assessment feedback

University Assistant allows you to keep track of all your submissions! After the semester begins, we’ll upload all of your submission dates so you can keep track of your assessments. We even send you a push notification 24 hours before your submission is due so you’ll always have a reminder.


Throughout the academic year, University Assistant will keep you updated on the various events taking place on campus. From events that involve your course, to more social activities; University Assistant will have you covered!

Help us to improve and share your feedback

After winning a ‘Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence’ in 2019, the UA team have been continuously working on the app to add more features so that it is something you can easily use on a daily basis to hear updates.

Look out for regular polls on the app asking your opinion on University services and the app itself. It’s a way for you to provide us with feedback which we can use to improve the app overall.

You can download the app by searching ‘University Assistant’ in the app or Google Play Store.