VIBRANT Project Workshop, Liverpool, 11 June 2015

Project ConSoLiDatE presented initial project results in this event. Title of the presentation was Scenario-based Learning for Multidisciplinary Digital Forensics Education. Scenarios-based learning was presented as first step towards comprehensive case-studies for multidisciplinary digital forensic education.

Download presentation slides - Vibrant Workshop 2015 

Cyber Security Training and Education Workshop, Newcastle, 28 October 2015

Project ConSoLiDatE presented the challenges of building digital forensics open educational resources in this event. Title of the presentation was Building Open Education Resources for Digital Forensics Programmes. A number of real-life scenarios extracted from different case studies were presented to the audience to share our approach and to receive the wider community feedback to our ongoing work of building open educational resources for digital forensic programmes.

Download presentation slides: Building Open Education Resources for Digital Forensics Programmes by Dr Syed Naqvi and Professor Ali Abdallah  

Teaching Computing Forensics Workshop, Sunderland, 19 November 2015

Project ConSoLiDatE presented the experience of developing a repository of digital forensics case studies for flexible learning environment to teach digital forensics. Title of the presentation was Developing a Repository of Digital Forensics Case Studies to Provide Flexible Learning Environment. Focal point of this talk was the pedagogic aspects notably flexibility so that students with different learning abilities can follow the curriculum.

Download presentation slides - Teaching Computer Forensics Workshop 2015 Presentation by Dr Syed Naqvi and Professor Ali Abdallah  

HEA STEM 2016 Conference, Nottingham, 28-29 January 2016

Project ConSoLiDatE ran an interactive workshop to present the challenges of using industry standard technologies in open learning environments. The focus of this session was Cyber Security and Digital Forensic technologies. However, other areas with similar challenges were welcome to share their views. Title of the presentation was Challenges of using commercial tools in developing open flexible learning environments for Digital Forensic courses: sharing experience and good practices. New trends in the higher education sector especially pertinent to the use of commercial tools were the centre of discussions. Their pros and cons were discussed around a number of case studies. Project ConSoLiDatE presented two case studies whereas three other case studies were shared by the audience in the interactive discussions.

Download presentation slides - STEM 2016 Conference Presentation by Dr Syed Naqvi and Chris Maguire

Learning resources

Project ConSoLiDatE has produced a number of learning resources. These resources were used to deliver the essential knowledge and skills to the students of a variety of academic programs at the partner universities.

Cryptoparty – Cybersecurity Bootcamp at QMUL, 21 March 2015

Project ConSoLiDatE ran this Cybersecurity Bootcamp at QMUL to provide essential knowledge of cybersecurity technologies. It was a hands-on session where first of all, security awareness among the law students were raised through different scenarios and demos. They were than taught how to use appropriate tools and their settings to protect digital assets and identities.

Download presentation slides - Digital Evidence Management System by Dr Syed Naqvi 

Cyber Security Incident Management

This talk provides details of a Cyber Security Incident Management program. Different phases of pre and post security breaches are elaborated together with a set of best practices that can help running such program efficiently.

Download presentation slides - Cyber Security Incident Management by Dr Syed Naqvi 

Digital Device Forensics

This talk covers Digital Device Forensics. A range of information that can be extracted from memory devices is presented together with the checklist of the required set-up. A number of scenarios depicting different combination of available information (such as disk size) and how these information can be extracted are presented in this talk.

Download presentation slides - Digital Device Forensics by Dr Syed Naqvi

File Signature Analysis

This talk covers File Signature Analysis. Distinction between a file extension and file signature is elaborated together with the use of EnCase Tool to analyse a File’s signature to identify its true contents.

Download presentation slides - File Signature Analysis Dr Syed Naqvi 

Mobile Forensics

This talk covers Mobile Forensics. A range of information that can be extracted from mobile devices is presented. A number of scenarios depicting different combination of available information of a mobile device and how these devices can be extracted is covered in this talk.

Download presentation slides: Mobile Forensics by Dr Syed Naqvi 

Network Forensics

This talk provides an insight into different aspects of Network Forensics. The particular emphasis is on the Internet Forensics including Email Forensics.

Download presentation slides - Network Forensics by Dr Syed Naqvi  

Legal and Regulatory Requirements

This talk provides an overview of the legal and regulatory requirements that a digital forensics analyst should be aware of. An example case and its supporting conceptual description is presented for the group discussions.

Download presentation slides - Legal and Regulatory Requirements by Dr Syed Naqvi 

Forensic Investigation Reporting

This talk covers the topic of investigation reporting. Participants learnt how to document their digital forensic analysis findings. ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) guidelines were presented as a good practice. The reporting feature of EnCase v7 was also explored in this session.

Download presentation slides - Forensic Investigation Reporting by Dr Syed Naqvi 

Expert Witness Testimony

This talk provides an overview of Expert Witness Testimony. Participants learnt how to be prepared to present and defend the findings of digital forensic analysis. The participants have also analysed a recent article "Investigating and Prosecuting Cyber Crime: Forensic Dependencies and Barriers to Justice".

Download presentation slides - Expert Witness Testimony by Dr Syed Naqvi