The ConSoLiDatE project involves co-operation between subject experts in cyber security, law and digital forensics aiming at the development of educational resources conveying essential:

  • Cyber security knowledge

  • Legal principles

  • Practical digital forensic investigations

The joint material is of great interest to the three different disciplines. The project aims at supporting flexible student learning through the provision of online resources that not only describe core concepts and fundamental principles but also link these to interesting case studies, practical scenarios and professional practices.

Project Participants

Cyber Security
  • Professor Ali E. Abdallah and Dr Esther Palomar, Centre for Cyber Security, Birmingham City University

Legal Studies
  • Professor Anne Flanagan and Professor Ian Walden, Institute of Computer & Telecommunications Law, Queen Mary University of London

Digital Forensic Investigations
  • Professor Peter Sommer, Digital Forensics Services

  • Dr Syed Naqvi, Centre for Cyber Security, Birmingham City University