Date and time
08 - 24 Nov 2023 (8:00am - 8:00pm)

Parkside Gallery, City Centre Campus


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Closed Weekends

Illustrated title 'KULMANATION' in red bubble writing.  The background is a mixed-media collage of artwork created by the artists.

‘KULMANATION is a celebration of a love of characters in the exploration of concepts through dynamic shapes, distinct expressions, exaggerated forms, and the creation of storylines for us to step into new propositions of graphic language’ Dr Rebecca Howson.

Exploring tradition print media, alongside DIY processes, such as rubber stamp art, Noah Kulman, Artist in Residence in the College of Art and Design and his father Professor Andrew Kulman have built a graphic world populated by characters using a bespoke visual language. The exhibition celebrates the creative environment that an Artist in Residence occupies, it also highlights the range of resources and facilities within the College of Art and Design.

The title of the exhibition, KULMANATION is a port manteau, that suggests the world building exercise but also refers to the end of the residency, culminating in this showcase of the work produced by Noah.

Noah studied Illustration at Brighton University, gaining a First Class Honours in 2021. He has run creative workshops under the name of the Pencil Pot Club, with his partner Beth Izzat. Andrew is a lecturer in Visual Communication and has worked at BCU since 1997, continuing his freelance illustration work alongside his teaching.