6th January – 14th February 2020
Parkside Atrium

As artists, designers and academics we have one eye on the horizon and one eye on the many paths that got us to where we stand today.

The School of Visual Communication is rooted in 1843, when the Birmingham Government School of Design was established in the city, the legacy of which is the vibrant creative industries which enriches all of our lives in many ways. Looking to the horizon, staff from the School reflect on the road ahead, as they prepare for the launch of the new institute which will now make up the next chapter of the story.

‘Institute’ is an exhibition celebrating an evolutionary period for the faculty of Arts, Design and Media, with a focus on the future of the wider outlook. The show has been curated by Visual Communication staff Rebecca Howson and Martin Donnelly, collaborating with colleagues across the multiple disciplines which make up Visual Communication, including visiting lecturers and guest creative partners, who all contribute to the development of the student experience.

An eclectic and engaging response, it is a taste of what is to come, as the potential for wider collaborations realised... To be continued.