Home Grown


Home Grown explores growing practice and celebrates the diverse range of work generated by technical staff across the faculty of Arts, Design and Media (ADM) at Birmingham City University (BCU).

Providing expert knowledge and skills, technicians across all nine of the ADM schools are crucial in the support they provide to students and staff in the workshop areas. This can include 3D machining, rapid prototyping, photographic processing and lighting, garment and textiles construction, ceramic and glass techniques and A/V support. Technical staff are crucial in their conceptual approaches to their subject specialisms and often provide insight not only in a technical capacity but from the translation of ideas through to final outcomes.

Visitors to Home Grown can discover photography, horology, multimedia and more. This ranges from Clare Walton’s smooth black stoneware clay bowls through to the exquisite detail of Tristan Pritchards hand forged knife made of high carbon steel with brass ricasso and maple and rosewood handle. Multidiscipline artist Daniel Salisbury explores links in culture, history, mundane happenings and “paper-cup” moments of life whilst Viktoria Kozma will be showcasing her experimental glass pieces.

Diverse and engaging, this is a celebration of makers at the height of their expertise and practice. We hope you enjoy the work which can be seen throughout the Parkside building and can appreciate the vast range of expertise and knowledge which underpins and supports the academic rigour of students across all levels of study within the faculty.

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