Gender Equality: 40 Years On!

Gender Equality: 40 Years On!

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05 Mar - 30 Apr 2024 (8:00am - 8:00pm)

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

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An image of three women at work, possibly nurses, taken from 'Images of Inequality: The Portrayal of Women in the Media and Advertising' TUC Report, 1984.

Gender Equality: 40 years on! introduces the work and activism of Birmingham based women in the mid-80s. The exhibition is part of a research project which investigates women’s contribution to addressing gender equality in Birmingham.

This is also an opportunity to celebrate the acquisition of the Barbara Webster Collection (April 2023) into the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media Archive, at Birmingham City University. The Barbara Webster Collection is the starting point for the exhibition which focuses on the Women’s Committee, established by Birmingham’s Labour Council. In addition, the work on display includes items from the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media Archive and donations made by other women linked to that period.

In November 1984, the Women’s Committee, chaired by Councillor Trudy Livingstone, established the Women’s Unit to fulfil the committee’s work. The artefacts presented in this exhibition demonstrate the collaborative nature of this work, reaching out to women across Birmingham’s diverse communities. The exhibition includes the creative work of women who challenged stereotypes and celebrated the diverse experiences of Birmingham women. It combines the formal work achieved in the City Council, with women’s activism, and creative endeavours, which together contributed to fundamental changes for Birmingham.

The research project and exhibition Gender Equality: 40 years on! invites us to reflect on gender equality now, by considering how past voices, campaigns and activism helps us challenge contemporary inequalities, in a city such as Birmingham.

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