Third party reference requests

If you are requesting a reference to process your application with Birmingham City University, we are an official partner of Hedd (Higher Education Degree Datacheck), the online verification service for employers and agencies to verify awards. We therefore no longer accept or respond to third party enquiries unless through this designated system.

Making an enquiry

To make an enquiry you will need to register with Hedd by visiting their website. Select ‘Birmingham City University’ from the list of UK Higher Education institutions and choose the option to 'verify a degree award'. Alongside the indicated pre-requisite details, it is also mandatory to upload a consent form signed by the student. Once your information has been submitted, the enquiry will be accessed by the University for manual verification, usually within 10 working days.

Should you have any queries or concerns please contact the Hedd customer service team directly through emailing

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Certificates, transcripts and verifications

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Accessing BCU systems

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