Digital certificates

Birmingham City University has partnered with Gradintelligence, which provides graduates with access to a digital version of their award certificate. Students who studied with us through a Partner College, unfortunately, will not have an account created automatically or have a digital certificate as we do not have access to the required information to create and upload these. To request a digital Certificate please contact your College so they can make a request on your behalf.

Gradintelligence also enables graduates to choose to share their digital certificate securely with prospective employers, universities and third parties. Graduates with a Gradintelligence account can access this service in addition to receiving a hard copy of their certificate and academic transcript; students should continue to request these post-completion through the mySRS portal.

By creating a Gradintelligence account, graduates can develop an online Personal Profile and, optionally, take advantage of the talent matching service which can connect students with targeted graduate level employment and/or further education opportunities.

This service is automatically available to students who graduate after September 2019.

If you achieved your award between 2010 and September 2019, please submit an individual request to including your full name (as you were enrolled), student ID (if known), course title and award year.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for a digital certificate to be made available to graduates who were awarded prior to 2010 due to the University having changed record systems after this time.

Those who are eligible to receive their certificate digitally will be automatically registered with Gradintelligence and receive an email inviting them to activate their account in order to access their document. We recommend therefore that you do not register your own account but rather wait for the university to do this on your behalf. You can easily access or activate your Gradintelligence account via the Gradintelligence website 

If you have recently been awarded please allow up to 15 working days to receive your automated account registration email. If you have still not received an email after this time frame please contact