Words of Wisdom

Remember your final months at BCU? Exams, dissertations and final projects can be a daunting time for students.

From a member of the BCU Alumni Community to a future graduate, send us your Words of Wisdom and give our final-year students a boost of confidence.

Your notes of encouragement, advice, tips and well-wishes could make a huge difference to a student and really help them through the last steps of their studies.

Your Words of Wisdom will be shared on screens across campus, in newsletters and on social media. Submit yours below!

A few pieces of advice:

  • Short and simple notes work best.

  • You can be motivational, as in ‘You’ve got this’, or give advice like ‘Remember to look after your health and wellbeing’ or ‘Ask for help if you need it’.

  • You could even quote inspirational song lyrics if you like!

  • Avoid phrases like ‘You’ll smash it’, as we don’t want students to feel pressured during an already tough time.

  • Your Words of Wisdom will be distributed randomly, so don’t address yours to specific students, degree courses or certain faculties.

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