Watch BSA students in 10 short films directed by a BAFTA-winning filmmaker

BSA - Students in 2015 Short Films

Birmingham School of Acting's (BSA) class of 2015 have recently featured in 10 short films, directed by BAFTA-winning director and friend of the School, Michael Baig-Clifford.

The 10 short films each feature two to three students from the final year BA Acting degree course, as a showreel for each student upon graduating.

All the films have been based on entirely new screenplays, written by creative writing students from Birmingham City University's School of English.

You can watch a playlist of all 10 films here:

Writer of The Last Time, and BA English student, Rebekah Hill said:


  • Just Friends by Hassan Hussain (Lucy Glassbrook, Jarrard Richards, Eamon Turley)
  • The Last Time by Rebekah Hill (Perry Jaques, Ashia Llorente)
  • The Wrong Life by Nilofer Khan (James Edge, Amy Fallon, Roseanna Stanton)
  • You're Not Here by Emily Gates (Joshua Ford, Katherine Swan)
  • Waiting Room by Sabila Sajed (Rebecca Carrie, Dom Hartly-Harris, Alex Ranahan)
  • The Old Escape by Enya Landman (Alan Booth, Eleanor Buchanan, Alex Ranahan)
  • Strange Love by Scarlett Kefford (Marcel Clifton, Gabrielle Killick, Gina George)
  • Speak by Verity Cary (Roseanna Baggott, Matthew Socci)
  • Soul Music by Kris Taylor (Zachary Paul Lawrence, Alexia McIntosh, Jacob Wright)
  • Park Shocks by Razia Begum (Eva McGillivray, Jamie Seal, Jacob Wright)

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