10 fun things we'll remember about our Perry Barr campus


At the end of May 2018 we’ll be saying farewell to our City North Campus. We’ve been looking back at some of the great times we all had there and listed 10 fun memories.

1. Late night revision sessions in Kenrick Library (with a midnight pizza break)

Who knew the library was the place to be whilst everyone else was asleep during the night? 

2. Going round and round on the old paternosters in the Baker Building

Arriving for your lecture early so you could have a few goes like it was a fairground.

3. Spotting the campus cat near the bicycle shelters

The black and white feline friend was often seen strolling between the Baker, Cox and Dawson buildings. Did you know a member of staff at the University looks after the cat now?

4. Hunting for bargains at One Stop Shopping Centre in between lectures

Who could say no to some goodies from the market, Poundstretcher and the Marks & Spencer outlet?

5. Abseiling down the Baker Building for charity  

“Hold on tight!” wasn’t often said by lecturers, unless they were guiding you down the side of the Baker Building whilst other students cheered you on.  

6. Borrowing a trolley from Asda to get the weekly food shop back to The Coppice and Oscott Gardens

Carrying the weekly shop including 10 packs of pasta and 12 cans of beans across those busy roads was never going to be easy.

7. Students’ Union theme nights at Bar 42

Hula hula! Can we all meet up and wear our Hawaiian skirts again soon?

8. When we all went crazy about Prince William coming to Perry Barr in 2014

A ROYAL? COMING TO PERRY BARR? We were all ready with our flags as he passed by.

9. When the lifts in Baker Building were out of order and you had to walk to the 8th floor (not fun)

Being out of breath for half of your lecture was far from ideal. Good for the legs though.

10. Cocktails in the Hare of the Dog pub

Still missing the Woo Woo fishbowls? Us too!

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