PhD researcher wins prestigious award


Research student Ilaria Di Gioia has won a prestigious award at the annual Edinburgh Postgraduate Law Conference.

“I was so excited to see people engaged by my talk and answer their questions,” Ilaria said. “All of a sudden I saw my dissertation taking shape and my efforts compensated.”

The conference, which took part at the University of Edinburgh, had 12 panels, with three speakers for each panel. In total, there were 36 presentations, with awards for Best Presentation and Best Blog.

“My presentation discussed whether US states can lawfully declare federal laws void within their state’s boundaries,” Ilaria said. “It has been the cause of debate since the country’s very inception.”

Ilaria, who is also a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Law of the European Union, was thrilled with the feedback the panel gave her. “It really helped me to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of my work,” she said. “Presenting is an essential moment of PhD projects.”

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