Emerald mining in Zambia

Max Lamb in Zambia

BSc (Hons) Gemmology and Jewellery Studies graduate Max Lamb has secured a job at Gemfields, at the Kagaem Emrald Mine in Zambia.

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The Kagam Emerald Mine is the world’s largest single producer of emerald and accounts for approximately 20% of global emerald production.

“The role I have at Gemfields is that of a Gemologist. I am getting trained to do sorting, valuing and processing of rough emeralds.” Max said. “The transition to Zambia has been hard, I have lived in about four countries so I know a bit about living as an expat. However going to Africa is more difficult than any previous moves I’ve made. Mainly because of the culture differences and the location of the mine is in the 'Bush' so you are located far from society.”

Looking back at his time spent on the course, Max said:

 "The gemstone and jewellery industry is a difficult one because the number of jobs at companies like Gemfields are limited, you have to be willing to fight for them.”

“Professor Richard Taylor helped me a lot with how to approach scientific problems, he changed my way of looking at problems which is very helpful if you work in a foreign country.”

For prospective students, Max had the following insight: “it (the industry) has challenges that come with great rewards, you are dealing with some of the biggest the treasures of the world! However, make sure that you understand what you want to do with your degree. The different directions might ask different things from your personal and professional life.”

Our BSc (Hons) Gemmology and Jewellery Studies degree is the only one of its kind in the world. Partnered by the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A), the world’s longest established gemmological teaching organisation.

With our fully-equipped gem labs at your disposal, you’ll be able to carry out a range of standard and advanced gemmological tests used in the identification of gemstones. As you can see from Max’s story – our graduates go on to work in a wide variety of roles in the industry across the world. 

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