Birmingham City University builds links with Kazan Federal University

Birmingham City University builds links with Kazan Federal University

A new Erasmus+ exchange programme between BCU and Kazan Federal University in Russia is aiming to foster new relationships and open up opportunities for research and collaboration.

In September, Roy Priest, Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing and Digital Technology, visited the Russian university, which is an acknowledged centre of academic excellence, with links to institutions across the world.

School of Computing and Digital Technology

Birmingham City University

The exchange between the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment is the first link of its kind that the University has made with a Russian university.

The focus of Roy’s visit was relationship building: looking for opportunities to develop new research projects drawing on the expertise and interests of both institutions. His visit to Kazan followed the visit of Max Talanov and Alexander Toschev from the School of Information Technologies in Kazan to Birmingham.

In addition to his work as programme leader for Sound Technology, Roy is currently completing a PhD entitled “Enhancing graduate employability: a study of stakeholder perceptions of employability policy and its translation into university strategy”. During his visit, he gave a lecture to Master’s students in the Institute of Management, Economics and Finance, sharing the University’s experience of enhancing student employability. He also gave a tutorial to a group of final year undergraduates, spoke to some first year students, and held a session with academic staff to gather their views on employability.

Roy found parallels in the two institutions’ interest in employability, which suggested possible areas for joint research into the subject.

Kazan Federal University has an excellent reputation for computer science, and a Digital Media Technology lab which has many parallels with the School of Computing and Digital Technology. There are opportunities for research collaboration in future.

As a result of the visit, Roy has been able to share contacts with his colleagues in Birmingham, and suggest areas which might be fruitful for future join initiatives, not just within the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment, but also in the Business School, and possibly other areas of the University.

Speaking about the visit, Roy Priest said:

In addition to this link with Kazan Federal University, the Faculty has been successful in setting up an Erasmus+ exchange with Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Four members of staff from the School of Engineering and the Built Environment will have the opportunity to visit St Petersburg in 2017.


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