Get involved

Why get involved

Innovation Fest is a place for inspiring students to cultivate their projects and address real-world issues. In 2018, we're focusing (though not exclusively) on the STEAM agenda and cross faculty projects. We want to blend the arts, sciences and computing to produce new ideas, all pioneered by our students.

For Industry

  • See what our students are accomplishing
  • Receive a guided tour of the Festival
  • Support local and emerging talent
  • Collaborate with students to solve your real life issues, particularly in computing and data
  • Be part of a project in 2018 and work with enthusiastic students to produce effective initiatives, programs or products.
Join the top companies who have judged or taken part in the innovation fest, including:
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • Birmingham Science Museum
  • Red Ninja Studios

For Academics

  • Support your students in their projects 
  • Support cross-faculty co-operation
  • Inspire students by giving their studies real-world value
  • Help students meet industry contacts and showcase their projects.

If you want to get involved in Innovation Fest 2018 fill in the form below: